Some businesses mislead customers to win the business by saying they have lorries in their fleet when in fact are operating vans only. Here we explain how to check who really has an O’licence and what an O’licence is.

A goods vehicle operators licence (O’licence) is required for every business using vehicle(s) over 3500KG gross weight (anything bigger than you can drive on normal car licence)  for hire and reward. Removal companies are not exceptions. In order to be granted one, a business has to meet criteria set out by the traffic commissioners. Here are just some of them:

  • applicant must have £7000 set aside for repairs of their  first lorry in case of breakdown and £3000 for every following lorry.
  • All lorries must be kept in a registered operating centre.
  • Vehicles have to be regularly checked and serviced.
  • and there are many other criteria.

As you can see all this adds to operating costs hence why some people chose not to apply for one and use smaller vans to run their business which is perfectly legal. But those who don’t should not mislead you to win a job. O’licences can be checked  here  and more information can be found on FTA website

You can check our o’licence here. If the link isn’t working please search for *less stress*

We can always help you on 01793 384050.


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