10 Questions to ask before choosing best removal company in Swindon

Congratulations on selling your home and now you are looking to relocate to a new home.  You must be excited at the prospect of moving house and now it is perfect time to choose your best house removal company in Swindon.

Our guide asks 9 questions that help you choose the best removal company to move your belongings from your old home to your new abode safely and on time.

Unless you live in a small flat or a one bedroom house, it’s always worth hiring a professional house removal company to help you with the big move. Packing up and shifting your stuff may sound easy, but there is method to packing your fragile items ensuring that they’re fully protected in transit.

Ideally get a quote from a house removal company that is able to visit your home and give you an accurate price and not an estimate. Estimates are just that, an estimate, and be prepared to pay out more for various exclusions.  If you are near Swindon or surrounding areas, we would be happy to come and give you a fixed price removal cost without any of shock extras!

Expert tip: Check that there are no parking restrictions or issues with access to your new home!


House Removal Company Insurance

Always check what would happen should your move be delayed and you are unable to get into your new home on time?  Has your house removal company got adequate insurance cover?  What is the time limit on making a claim following your home move?  Check the claim limit per item or maximum claim limit for your high value possessions.

Remember that any house removal company’s insurance will not cover any items that you pack.


Setting clear expectations for your house move

Now that you have chosen your house removal company, it is helpful to set clear expectation with them.  This includes a briefing at your current home that includes:

  • Special requirements: items such as pictures, antiques and items of value.
  • Large or difficult to move items such as a wardrobe, furniture or a piano.
  • Curtains or carpets that you wish to take with you.
  • Items that you’ll be moving yourself.
  • Where to place items on a floor plan of your new property when unloading.


10 Questions to ask your house removal company

Always ask the right objective questions from your house removal company.  Here are some basic questions to help your move go as smooth as possible.

Before the move

  • Can they send a surveyor round to take stock of all your possessions to be moved?  This should be a free visit to discuss your requirements.
  • Do they provide a packing service? Do they have a storage facility available?
  • Will they provide you a full written quote that is fixed price?
  • Do they have a full address and a landline telephone number?
  • How do they like to be paid? Cash, bank transfer or credit cards?  Do they accept bank cheques?
  • Will they provide references from previous clients? Do they have good reviews online?

Practicalities of the move

  • Will your removal company give you boxes in advance of the move?  Ask for double walled boxes as they are much stronger.
  • Ensure that your house removal company will have plenty of blankets and covers for items.  These items can make a huge difference between a good move and a bad one.
  • Are their staff members well trained?
  • Are their staff members employed by them or agency workers?

Testimonials from previous clients

  • Remember to get testimonials so that you can reach out to their previous customers and ask them about the service. Try contacting people who left reviews for the company in question  online on sites like Google and Facebook.

This is why Less Stress Removals should be your number 1 choice.  We can carry out house removals out of hours, and we have experience of moving large properties over a long distance as far as Isle of Lewis, Inverness, Northern Ireland and anywhere nationwide as well as moving locally.

Our price quoted is the price to pay. After we survey property we give accurate quote and that is what customers pay unless job description changes.
This is a guest post by Property Saviour who can help you sell your inherited property fast.

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